Answered By: Cassandra Thompson
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Thank you Letters  
Thank you letters are absolutely critical following an interview. Writing a thank you letter promptly makes you stand out from other applicants. This type of letter can be an email, a typed and printed letter, or a handwritten card.  Make sure you remember to ask for your interviewer's business card to get their name, title and address correct. If you have a panel interview, be sure to send letters to each person on the panel. Even if you are not sure if you want the position, follow up with appropriate correspondence; you never know when one contact will be able to help you out with another.

A thank you letter should be brief and timely (same day or next day from the interview date). As with your cover letter, the tone of the thank you letter or email is more important than the content. Since it is important to send a thank you very promptly, the email format is a good idea. However, many recruiters still prefer a typed or handwritten letter mailed via U.S. Post. Decide which you think is the best for the particular employer based on your knowledge of the work culture of the organization. If you decide to send a handwritten or typed thank you letter, prepare it before your interview so you can mail it immediately afterwards. (Don't forget to buy a stamp!) In any case, the thank you card, letter or email  should convey a positive attitude, energy, respect and confidence. 

A thank you letter gives you a final opportunity to re-emphasize specific skills/abilities relevant to the position, so be sure to add anything you might have forgotten to mention in the interview, as well as highlighting any positive aspects of the interview. Use the same formula for thank you letters as in the cover letter — make the match, make the case, make the close.